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profile, outline, user, circled
bookmark, book, tip, selection, outline
add, bookmark, book, tip, selection, full
add, more, plus
minus, remove, operator
cancel, remove, cross, delete
info, help, full
info, help, outline
language, info, world, speak
cancel, remove, cross, delete, full
cancel, remove, cross, delete, outline
user, profile
add, user, profile
remove, delete, user, profile
maximize, full, expand, enlarge, video
bookmark, book, tip, selection, full
enlarge, maximize, resize
reduce, minimize, resize
add, full, circled, plus
add, circled, outline, plus
delete, circled, full, remove
delete, remove, circled, outline
download, file
download, file, square, outline
download, file, square, full
share, ios
share, android
search, find, explore
maximize, fullscreen, video, enlarge, expand
download, circled, outline, file
clock, alarm, outline, time
clock, time, full, alarm
alarm, time, outline
clock, timer, alarm
clock, alarm, timer, off
heart, love, favorite, like, outline
heart, full, love, like, favorite
activity, heart, life, health
star, outline, favorites, favorite, rate, rating
star, full, favorite, favorites, rate, rating
star, half, favorite, rate, rating
link, web, url
emoji, happy, smile, face, emoticon
code, script, editor, web, dev, developer
refresh, update
refresh, update
check, ok, verified, done
check, ok, verified, done, outline, circled
check, ok, verified, done, circled, full
warning, circled, outline, danger, error
double, check, verified, sent, message
settings, gear
warning, circled, full
warning, triangle, outline, alert
warning, alert, triangle, full
upload, send, file
upload, send, file, square, outline
upload, square, send, file, full
phone, call, dial
attachment, clip, file, mail
pause, phone, call, dial
eye, off, show, hide, hidden
bookmark, add, full, favorite
bookmark, circled, add, favorite
box, container
label, full, tag
label, outline, tag
percent, percentage, math, operation
switch, off, full
switch, off, outline
switch, on, full
switch, on, outline
trash, delete, can, remove, clean, clear
moon, full, notifications
moon, outline, notifications
lock, full
lock, full, off
lock, off
github, git, merge
github, branch, commit, git
git, github, commit
copy, dash, file
copy, file
sticker, image
warning, square, full
warning, square, outline
calculator, operation, math
calculator, math, operation, operator
warning, alert
warning, alert, full
key, keychan
forbidden, prohibition, denied, alert
forbidden, prohibition, denied, alert
eject, action
eject, dvd, tv, outline
triangle, flag, alert, notice
triangle, flag, alert, notice, full
flag, triangle, circle, alert, notice
triangle, full, circle, flag, notice, alert
log, out
log, in
log, denied
tower, warning
tower, access, denied
tower, check
smoke, smoking, activity
smoke, smoking, activity, ban
activities, movie, film, video
calendar, date, time, book, manage, cal
cinema, movie
gym, activities, sport, activity
running, run, activities, man
man, hike, goal, hiking
pant, her, clothes, slips
glasses, eye
suitcase, clothes, accessories, bag
bag, handbag, suitcase, travel, accessories
umbrella, full
lifebelt, security, safe
scarf, clothes
sandals, clothes, shoes
journal, news, paper
journal, news, page, story, read
message, text, sms, dialog, dial
message, alert, text, issue, error, warning
message, alert, full, dial, text, error, issue
message, text, sms
message, text, sms, full
mail, view, email, full
mail, email, open, full
mail, email, opened
mail, email
graph, stats
graph, down, stats
chat, bubble, communication
chat, bubble, full
chat, error, bubble
chat, error, bubble, full
chat, bubble, check
chat, bubble, check, full
chat, bubble, translate
question, mark
chat, bubble, question, mark
question, mark, circle
question, mark, circle, full
question, mark, circle, full
question, mark, square, outline
question, mark, square, full
stat, up
stat, down, statistic, graph
stat, up, square, statistic
stat, statistic, up, full, square
stat, statistic, down, square
stat, statistic, down, full
page, flip, paper
chat, bubble, warning
chat, bubble, empty
chromecast, cast, video
chromecast, cast, video
wifi, connect, signal
tv, issue, connect, display
connect, wifi, off, signal
wifi, signal, full, connect
wifi, signal, half, connect
wifi, signal, low, connect
wifi, issue, connect, error, signal
wifi, signal, network, connect, off
wifi, issue, network, connect, error, signal
bluetooth, connect, device
domotic, issue, connect, home
cloud, storage, download
cloud, storage, error
cloud, storage, upload
gps, active, connect, position
gps, connect, position
airplane, mode, connect
airplane, mode, connect
antenna, signal
antenna, signal, off
antenna, signal, connection, wireless
terminal, mac, pc, app
terminal, outline, app, mac, pc
cloud, check, done
data, transfer, both, connection
data, transfer, up
data, transfer, down
data, transfer, warning
data, transfer, check
tv, display
smartphone, device, phone, mobile
device, modern, tv, television, smart
device, smartphone, full, phone
computer, pc, device
tv, device, 4k, resolution
hard, drive, hdd, storage
server, storage, device
wristwatch, watch, full, clock, time, timer
wristwatch, watch, clock, time, timer
battery, car, transport
battery, empty
battery, warning, empty
battery, 25, charge
battery, 50, charge
battery, 75, charge
battery, full, 100, charge
battery, off, empty
cpu, device
warning, cpu, hardware
view, manage, order, list
view, display, column, structure, layout, grid
view, display, structure, layout, grid
view, display, structure, layout, grid
view, display, structure, layout, grid
layout, display, structure
layout, structure, outline
layout, display, structure, full
layout, structure, full, display
table, grid, display
table, rows, display
table, columns, display
cell, table, display, grid
display, 4k, monitor, video, hq, quality, resolution
retina, grid, display, structure
sort, order, display, down
sort, order, display, up
collapse, picture, resize
expand, editor, enlarge
editor, align, left, text
editor, align, text, center
align, editor, right, text
align, justify, editor, text
editor, underline, font, text
selection, editor
divide, selection, editor, full
divide, selection, outline, editor
editor, italic, font, text
italic, square, outline, font, text, editor
underline, square, outline, font, text, editor
underline, square, full, editor, font, text
italic, square, full, font, text, editor
editor, page, empty, outline, read, text
page, text, editor
add, page, editor, text
remove, delete, page, editor, text
edit, pen, pencil
edit, pen, pencil, editor
note, notes, block, write, word, writing, page
add, selection, editor
bold, square, full, weight, font, editor
bold, square, outline, weight, font, editor
bold, full, weight, font, editor
compress, text, editor
compress, editor, text
remove, delete, selection, editor
file, error, editor, page, warning
html 5, code
code, css 3
font, size, editor
typography, editor, text
typography, full, editor, text, font
fridge, home
fridge, full, home
closet, home
closet, full, home
drawer, home
lamp, home, light
bulb, light, home
light, bulb, on
light, bulb, off, home
eye, image, show
photo, camera, picture, shot
eye, image, show, outline
photo, camera, picture, shot, full
crop, image, cut, editor, photo
mask, square, image
flash, bolt, camera, light
flash, off, light, bolt, camera
auto, flash, camera, light, bolt
droplet, color, image
image, droplet, color
droplet, full, color, image
image, selective, tool, editor
precision, tool, editor, image
picture, image
picture, full, image
hdr, image, render, quality, definition
hdr, image, render, quality, definition
video, camera, full, record
video, camera, off, full, record
video, camera, off, record
video, camera, record
flip, image
flip, image
rotate, camera, left, photo
rotate, camera, right, photo, image
color, picker, empty, image
color, picker, image
color, filter, image, editor
lens, image, editor, photo
add, lens, filter, image, editor
frame, tool, editor, image
collage, frame, image, editor
music, note, song
music, note, song
playlist, music, song, track
playlist, song, play, track, music
play, outline, song, music, track
forward, outline, play, music, track, song
rewind, outline, song, track, music
album, cover, music, song, full, player
album, cover, music, track, song, player
song, add, track, music, play
music, play, song, track, add
album, cover, player, music, song
add, playlist, song, track, music
disc, compact, cd, music, track, song, play
skip, next, outline, song, player, track, music
skip, previous, outline, song, player, track, music
album, music, song, track, play, player, cover
album, cd, compact, disc, cover, music, track, song, play
pause, outline, player, play, song, track, music
repeat, once, one, music, audio, song, player
repeat, music, audio, song, player
shuffle, music, song, audio, player
menu, burger, sidebar, more
arrow, down, direction, download
arrow, left, direction, back
arrow, right, next, direction
arrow, up, direction, upload
arrow, down, nav
nav, arrow, left
arrow, nav, right
up, arrow, nav
menu, sidebar, more
up, arrow, nav, right
up, arrow, nav, left
down, arrow, nav, right
left, arrow, nav, up
left, arrow, nav, down
left, arrow, nav, down
arrow, down, circled
arrow, left, circled
arrow, down, full
arrow, left, full
arrow, up, circled
arrow, right, circled
arrow, up, full
arrow, right, full
more, menu, nav
more, menu, nav
more, menu, nav
more, menu, nav
more, menu, nav
more, menu, nav, full
down, arrow, nav, right
up, arrow, nav, right
folder, navigation
folder, alert, warning, navigation
navigation, folder, add
remove, minus, folder, navigation
navigation, fast, arrow, right
navigation, fast, arrow, left
fast, arrow, up, top, navigation
fast, arrow, down, navigation
arrow, union, navigation
arrow, separate, navigation
arrow, union
arrow, separate
navigation, right, box, arrow, fast
fast, arrow, left, box
fast, arrow, up, box
fast, arrow, down, box
right, round, arrow
left, round, arrow
enlarge, round, arrow
reduce, round, arrow, navigation
up, round, arrow
round, down, arrow
archive, navigation
archive, full, navigation
payment, cash, money
payment, coin, money, cash
money, card, credit, cash
money, card, credit, cash, coin
cash, money
coin, cash, money, off
credit, card, cash, money, coin, payment, off
price, tag, round
money, payment, square, price
payment, square, full, price
price, no, off, tag, round
percentage, price, round
percentage, square
percentage, round, full
percentage, square, full
rss, feed, social, communication, blog, internet
instagram, social, facebook
youtube, video, social, web
social, facebook, fb, share
medium, social, share
social, telegram, message, chat, communication
telegram, social, communication, chat, message
social, linkedin
twitter, tweet, social
qr, code, social, share
gitlab, full
github, git
github, git, outline, empty
thumb, up, social, facebook
social, thumb, down, negative
thumb, up, positive, social
thumb, down, finger, social, negative
open, vpn, logo
mic, microphone, audio, sound, mute, off
microphone, mic, sound, music, audio, record
sound, high, volume
sound, volume, low
sound, audio, min, off, volume
volume, sound, music, audio, off, mute
mic, speak, device, audio, sound
add, mic
mic, remove, sound
mic, check, sound
mic, warning, sound
bike, bicycle, transport
maps, arrow, nav, gps, position, direction
maps, arrow, nav, gps, position, direction
maps, arrow, nav, gps, position, direction
add, pin, map, full
bus, full, transport, public, service
bus, outline, empty, transport, public, service
car, full, transport, auto
car, outline, empty, transport, auto
flight, landing, airplane, airport
flight, takeoff, airplane, airport, departure
pin, map, full, position
pin, map, position
position, map
train, transport, rail
train, outline, rail
tram, transport
metro, subway, tube, transport, train
man, stop, autostop, transport, travel
bus, stop, transport
weather, cloud
weather, heavy, rain, cloud
weather, snowflake, cloud
weather, fog, cloud
rain, cloud, weather
snow, weather, cloud
weather, thunder, bolt, storm, cloud, flash
cloud, sunny, weather, sun
sun, light, weather, image
cloud, full, weather, connection